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Facial Treatment

A professional Facial Treatment is usually performed in a Salon or Spa environment with reliable results achieved by a trained and licensed Aesthetician. Depending on your Skin Condition and the purpose of the Facial these typically consists of a combination of procedures which can include but not limited to: Deep Cleansing, Extractions, Steaming, Massage, Exfoliation, Masks, Creams. These procedures are usually performed on the Face and Neck but can also extend to Shoulders and Back where skin conditions require treatment. The outcome of the treatment is to refresh and rejuvenate the skin and to treat various conditions including acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation as the typical range of skin conditions.

Acne Facial

Acne FacialA facial that includes deep cleansing, enzyme mask, steaming, extractions of blackheads, whiteheads and a hydrating mask.

European Facial

European Facial, Moisturizer FacialA full facial to maintain soft, unblemished, well-hydrated skin. A light massaging of the face and neck to aid in relaxation and to stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the skin. We use Professional European Swiss Phyto5 products.    

Custom Holistic Facial

Custom Holistic FacialAfter a full skin analysis we customize each facial to your skin's specific needs. Hydrating, Anti-aging, Detoxifying and Sensitive skin conditions, e.g. Rosacea, Couperose.    

Mini Facial

Mini FacialA mini facial to help you relax and rejuvenate yourself during your lunch break. This facial includes a gentle facial and decollete massage with a hydrating mask.

Back Facial

Back Facial, Back Acne, BacneA relaxing body treatment that includes, exfoliating mask, extraction and massage.

Teen Skin Care

Teen Skin Care FacialA customized facial for today's Teenager, we will teach them the importance of proper skincare, acne prevention and sun protection.

Men Facial

Men FacialWe also have a complete range of Facial treatments customized for Men's Skin Care. Choose from the following options to suit a skin condition.

Acne Facial,
Back Facial,
Custom Facial,
Mini Facial,
Moisturizer Facial,
Teen Facial